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Justice Titans Arkham Inc Joker Jr and Duela Dent by monitor-earthprime
Justice Titans Arkham Inc Joker Jr and Duela Dent
On this planet, The Titans have taken over the Justice League renaming it Justice Titans.  The Villains have also allowed there children to take over.  In Gotham City the villains go under the title Arkham Inc. lead by the twins Joker Jr and Duela Dent and there two pet Hyenas Giggles & Whitey.
Africa-American Megos by monitor-earthprime
Africa-American Megos
Here are the three Megos that I have always wanted to put together.  The three African-America Super-Hero Megos Action Jackson on Type 0 body, Falcon, and Green Lantern John Stewart.
Remco McDonaldland version 1 by monitor-earthprime
Remco McDonaldland version 1
I just got the Remco McDonaldland playset along with most of the figures.  The base of the playset was ripping so I carefully split it into two (it would not fit on my self anyways).  Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Captain Cook, Mayor McCheese, Officer Big Mac and the Professor are all original Remco figures.

Birdie was release under the McKids toy lineup.

Fry Kids are all happy meal toys that fit in great with the figures

McDonaldland Wasterbasket is a bank that was sold back in the 70's

This is my McDonaldland version 1.  I have more items coming in to help make it look even better.
Ron the Spacepimp by monitor-earthprime
Ron the Spacepimp
Presenting the latest (and long overdue) release by Odeon Toys, RON:Spacepimp one of our mascots, RON  is a limited edition 8 inch action figure in the 70s Mego style. He comes complete with genuine vintage threads (real thrift store clothing was murdered to create each figure) and bustling with Kirby dots!

Special thanks to Steve M for the fabric, Chad Gordy for the head work and the amazing Theressa for the sew magic!
Brick Mantooth's Bachelor Pad v1 by monitor-earthprime
Brick Mantooth's Bachelor Pad v1…

Brick Mantooth, the World’s Greatest Action Figure, is finally arriving in mailboxes across this great land. You didn’t think his Dida Display would be far behind, did you?

It will be a A Carry Cube playset that has this brightly colored art on the outside. The bottom part of this image shows the 4 panels of the box exterior. The top square with Brick’s head will be the lid to the cube. The figures shown on the grey background will actually be laminated stand-up party guests you can cut out!

Brick is seen sharing a drink with Ron Burgundy, Ron the Spacepimp and a few of his ladies.

The fireplace & Box TV are from Tractors Supply in the set of Dogs they have around christmas.

The plant is from Hobby Lobby.

The trophie is from Dollar Tree in there birthday supply.

The 'carpet' is from Hobby Lobby, it is three sheets of felt.

The Mirror Ball is from Party City. It is an earring.

The beer mug is from The Simpsons.

I got Ron the Spacepimp from Palitoy.

For those who have not noticed, I now have a separate page for my custom Megos and ReMegos.  I grew up playing with Megos and now that they are back, I am customizing them to add to my collection. 



monitor-earthprime's Profile Picture
Monitor Earth Prime
United States
I have been doing custom action figures for years. I love taking a store bought figure and making them into an obscure figure. I am enjoying make Batman Inc. figures, DC Old West, and Lanterns Corps. I have one of the largest collections of custom Batman Inc. figures around.

I love the fact that as soon as I add a new figure sombody adds it to there favs, but it would be nice if you would leave some feedback on the site.

I have been a long and proud member of Custom Justice.

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